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We're so excited to open our gorgeous boutique outlet store in Cheam Village. It's such a sweet place and the village is friendly and welcoming. We hope you will feel the same way when you visit us! 

We aim  to stock a variety of sizes, prices and styles but as a boutique store we cannot carry as much as our big sister (Aurora Bride North Cheam). For that reason if there is any specific dress you have your heart set on please do call and ask before visiting if its still available but bare in mind things can go any minute as the whole store is Off the Peg only.

Size wise our designers are all over the place - how helpful is that - so as a quick guide most of our designers come up around high street (potentially a little harsher - think Top Shop high street not M & S). Mori Lee is one of our faves for size as they can be a touch more generous, their size 10 will fit more like a 12.

Any questions you have give us a call - a remember this isnt all the stock we have in store but 90% and we will update constantly as we can 

Get booking and see you soon!!!! 

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